Make Golden BC Your Backyard

Economic Opportunities

Economic Opportunities 

Golden is full of opportunities for people looking for something beyond the regular nine-to-five.

You could:
  • Take advantage of Golden’s high speed broadband and wireless connectivity to build your online business and serve a global clientele

  • Build on the strength of our tourism industry by expanding into the fast-growing markets for ‘soft’ adventure, cultural, heritage, and nature interpretation services

  • Diversify the offerings of Golden's vibrant downtown core by adding to our amenities and retail options. Our diverse population presents a range of opportunities for specialization

  • Capitalize on our proximity to large markets like Calgary, location on the Trans-Canada Highway, access to the Canadian Pacific Railway, and abundance of affordable industrial land by starting up a small-scale or boutique manufacturing company (think outdoor adventure gear or safety equipment.)
Located in the urban centre of an area renowned for its natural beauty and world class rafting, skiing, snowboarding, and eco - adventure tourism, and located on two of Canada’s major transportation corridors, Golden’s economy benefits from a steady flow of all-seasons traffic.

Have questions about starting a business, or moving your existing business to Golden?
One of the main reasons that visitors choose our cat-skiing business over any other is because of our proximity to the Calgary Airport. Businesses looking for a location should consider Golden due to its strategic location and easy accessibility.
Krys Sikora
Make Golden BC Your Backyard

Looking for a little relaxation?
In Golden you could lounge in the peace and quiet of your own backyard.

Looking for a little outdoor adventure?
Lisa does a little outfitting in her backyard in Golden before heading out to run some class 4 rapids.

Is your backyard big enough to grow your dinner?
Make Golden, BC your backyard and you could find perfect ingredients for a meal right outside your house.

What puts a smile on your face?
A tranquil afternoon in her Golden backyard puts a smile on Katie's face.